3 Pieces of Bad Divorce Advice

Chances are, someone close to you has experienced divorce and has vented to you one or more times. You’ve likely heard the horror stories from your friends, family, and other people you’re friends with on Facebook but whom you barely know. No doubt contained in those stories and anecdotes are less-than-stellar pieces of divorce advice. Indiana Divorce Lawyers has compiled a list of some common tips well-meaning friends or acquaintances might have given you, but that you should not follow:

  • Try to enter into a new relationship so you don’t fall into a rut. There are worse reasons to jump into a relationship right after your divorce than to avoid sitting around and moping alone, such as thinking that your new love interest will take your mind off things. This is true, and it can be a fun distraction, but you need to allow yourself time to get used to life after divorce. After all, divorce is a major life event. 
  • Go after your ex-spouse because of how he treated you during your marriage. The desire for retribution and revenge is certainly real. However, consider what exactly you would be fixing by going scorched earth against your ex-spouse in court. Can it change the past? No. Will it help future relations? Most assuredly not. Even if he is being nasty to you in and out of court, it is far better for yourself in the long run to take the high road. 
  • Lie. In any context, being untruthful about aspects of your marriage and divorce will not end well for you. If you are lying about assets or property that you have and are trying to conceal, it will come to light in the discovery phase of a contested divorce. Be honest with your lawyers so they can give you the best representation possible.

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