5 Signs Spouse is Concealing Assets During a Divorce

Spouses sometimes take extraordinary measures to better their standing after a divorce. One nefarious trick divorcing spouses might try while the formal split is pending is to hide certain assets. This can have the effect of making it seem like they have less money in the bank so there are fewer resources that they need to split 50-50 with their spouse under Indiana law. The good news is that many attempts to hide Read More

3 Pieces of Bad Divorce Advice

Chances are, someone close to you has experienced divorce and has vented to you one or more times. You’ve likely heard the horror stories from your friends, family, and other people you’re friends with on Facebook but whom you barely know. No doubt contained in those stories and anecdotes are less-than-stellar pieces of divorce advice. Indiana Divorce Lawyers has compiled a list of some common tips well-meaning Read More

Unmooring your Emotional Anchors

After the dust settles from your divorce and you start to become comfortable in your new normal, you will soon become aware of all the...stuff that reminds you of your ex. Something as simple as a bath towel can cause strong feelings and emotions to bubble up. These items are commonly referred to as “emotional anchors” and can be pesky for people who are struggling to move on after a nasty split.  While dealing with Read More

How to Calculate Child Support in Indiana

Indiana, like most other states, uses the Income Shares Model to calculate each parent’s child support responsibility. As its name implies, this method calculates child support based on the financial support a child would receive if parents shared their incomes – as they probably did during their marriage. The calculator is only concerned with the children you are responsible for supporting and does not take into Read More

You Are Not Your Insecurities: Moving Past Your Ex’s Criticisms

The end of a marriage comes with many consequences, some of which don’t make their appearance until after the final documents are signed and you’ve started to move on with your life. Women who have spent years or even decades being criticized by their spouses often develop crippling insecurities as a result of being constantly cut down. Healing from this and pushing through it is a big part of building your new Read More

Who Gets the Dog? How Family Pets Are Handled During Divorce

Pets are truly invaluable, especially when you’re going through something as emotionally trying as divorce. Their unconditional love and affection is exactly what you need as you heal—but what happens if both parties think they deserve the family pets? Since Indiana does not yet have laws in place that protect pets’ rights and their best interests, pets are treated as personal property in divorce. Assessing the Value Read More

Hello! And Welcome.

We're So Glad You're Here. Welcome to the official website of Indiana Divorce Lawyers. We are a future-focused team with a vision to help women use divorce as an opportunity for self-development, growth, and empowerment. We encourage you to explore our website, meet our incredible team of attorneys, and learn more about our unique approach towards divorce. It's time for YOU to do YOU! Ready for your new beginning? Read More

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce in Indiana

When you decide to get divorced in Indiana, you can pursue a contested or uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is often the easier option for all parties involved, but a contested divorce is the suitable option in some situations. Compare your divorce options to find the right option for you. What Is an Uncontested Divorce? Uncontested divorce is a time-saving option for couples who agree on important topics Read More

5 Tips for Avoiding and Defusing Arguments with a Difficult Spouse

Arguments are inevitable in most divorces. The end of a relationship that was intended to last a lifetime brings up painful and difficult-to-control feelings. However, avoiding arguments is in everyone’s best interest—especially if you have children. If your spouse has a tendency to pick fights or bring up past wrongs during a discussion, it’s up to you to avoid or defuse disagreements. 1. Reschedule the Read More