Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce in Indiana

When you decide to get divorced in Indiana, you can pursue a contested or uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is often the easier option for all parties involved, but a contested divorce is the suitable option in some situations. Compare your divorce options to find the right option for you.

What Is an Uncontested Divorce?

Uncontested divorce is a time-saving option for couples who agree on important topics like child support, custody, and asset division. Those who go this route can make an agreement out of court, avoid the witness stand, and start the next stage of their lives more quickly. For this to be an option, you and your spouse should be on friendly or at least non-hostile terms. If one or both parties are unwilling to negotiate on crucial topics like custody and visitation, a contested divorce may be the only choice.

Contested Divorce in Indiana

Contested divorce is considerably more complicated in Indiana. Most contested divorces occur because the couple is unable to agree on one or more important topics. During the divorce process, both parties will have to take the witness stand to fight for what they want—whether it’s more time with the children, more or less alimony, or a different division of assets. Other witnesses may be brought in, including those who know the couple personally or have expertise in child development or financial planning.

If your spouse is unwilling to compromise on topics that matter to you, you may have to go through the contested divorce process to avoid giving up assets, losing time with your children, or paying too much in spousal support. However, note that contested divorce is more expensive in several ways. You’ll pay much more in legal fees, since your attorney will put in many more hours building your case and presenting it in court. You’ll also spend a lot more time in court and incur much more stress.

However, a contested divorce could be worth the extra time, stress, and money if your spouse is hiding assets or is engaging in parental alienation. These situations often need to be handled in court.

Which Option Suits You?

Before you decide how you want to proceed with your divorce case, it’s important to consult with an Indiana divorce attorney. At Indiana Divorce Lawyers, we respect your decision to divorce and we’re here to help you take the next step toward your future. Contact our team now to schedule a consultation.

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