Our Approach

Discover Your Innate Strength and Joy

We believe that even in the most difficult circumstances, each of us has the personal power of choice. Divorce, like other major life changes, rocks our personal foundation and sense of self. It can be easy to slip into feeling like a victim of your circumstances. However, we believe that YOU are the one who gets to decide how this phase of your life plays out.

The Choice about Your Future is Yours

Unfortunately, after ending a marriage there are some people who spend years feeling bitter and angry at their former spouse and unhappy with life. Tragically, they don’t realize that the path out of their pain is actually under their control. They could take the first step to healing at any time.

It is our mission to help you recognize that the end of a marriage, while painful, is actually a beautiful opportunity to begin the hard work to heal old wounds, learn the important life lessons to be gained from the old relationship, find inner strength and independence, and begin to create a joyful new life for yourself.

How We Help

As attorneys, our role in the process is to help you end the legal side of the relationship with your spouse. Our attorneys have decades of family law experience and have handled dissolutions for estates valued in the high eight figures. We’ll provide you with technical guidance and objectivity to help you make the important legal decisions to set the groundwork for your new life.

We believe that the behavior and philosophy of the attorneys involved in a divorce case have a significant impact on your ability to choose a healthy path forward in your life. That’s why we begin each new client consultation by helping you set your intention for the divorce process: Who are you going to choose to show up as? What are your guiding principles going to be? How do you envision yourself at the end of the process? What self-care commitments are you going to make to yourself? We can then help make sure your legal strategy is aligned with your goals and help bring you back to these central truths during the inevitably challenging moments of the process.

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