WTHR Channel 13 Features Indiana Divorce Lawyers – Girl Power: Book hunt aims to inspire and empower for women’s history month

WTHR Channel 13 recently featured Indiana Divorce Lawyers and their Women’s Empowerment Book Fairy Event!

Partners Megan Pastrana and Clare Corado organized the event and worked alongside several women-owned local businesses in the area to place 150 books with 13 different titles written by best-selling female authors throughout the greater metropolitan area of Indiana in celebration of International Women’s Day 2020. 

Read the entire article and watch the video below: 

WTHR 13 – Girl Power: Book hunt aims to inspire and empower women for Women’s History Month

“Life has chapters, but they’re not ends. It’s just that. It’s just the next chapter and that’s just life and that’s OK.”

– Megan Pastrana, Indiana Divorce Lawyers

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Indiana Divorce Lawyers, Pastrana LLC

At Indiana Divorce Lawyers, we look at how divorce affects you on every level. We don’t believe in a dry, stoic approach that handles the legal aspects of divorce while leaving you alone to address the complicated emotions and growth that you’re bound to experience. The end of your marriage is a new beginning for you, and we’re ready to walk you through every step.

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